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Monday, September 15 2014

A Short Guide to Internet Marketing Conference

Are you planning to attend on IM conference? Then, you may probably want to know more about the different things you have to do in order to have a better experience out of it. In this guide, you are going to know the different things you surely need to do before, during and after you have attended the program especially if you would really want to make use of it for better purposes. Before Attending the Conference Even before you attend the IM conference, there are some things that you need to do which are the following below Internet Marketing Conference:

• Prepare all the possible materials you need to use and don’t forget to have your tickets or invitations with you. • Check your vehicles and make sure that it is ready enough for you to keep going. • Make sure to come early and give an allowance of 30 minutes at least to have time to settle and have better seats.

In the Middle of the Conference During the IM or internet marketing conference itself, it is also very important for you to have an idea on the different things you have to do. Those may include the following below: • Listen carefully on the different things being discussed during the conference. • Take some notes for those things that you totally find useful and you can consider for the promotion of your business in the internet. • Talk with other attendees and start conversation to have better ideas on the different things being discussed to all of you. • If you have got some business cards, make sure to at least give it to the different people you are going to meet for a chance of them being interested in affiliating to your business. After Attending the Conference If you think that it already ends as the conference also ended then, you are wrong as there are more things for you to do which are the following below: • Check the list of the different people you meet and consider knowing who you have to talk to have more details to settle with. You may need them when the right time comes. • Review the different strategies that you have learned and see for yourself if you are doing the SEO right or not. • Check the common processes you do for the optimization of your website and think about for the different things that you should start avoiding from now on.

Monday, September 8 2014


The modern technology that was once dreamt by the people before was now put into a reality. Gone are the days when you have no other means of communication but through letters, telegrams, or telephones. Gone are those times that when you are far away from your loved ones, you will always have to bring a picture along with you for you to be able to remember their faces. Now, when you miss a person, you will now have a lot of opportunity to connect with them via online.

There are already many web sites available for you to choose in order to have chatroulette with your family members, friends, co-workers, or even strangers that you want to become friends with bazoocam. There are many websites available such as Skype, MSN, AIM, and one of the latest chatroulette sites is the bazoocam wherein you can use it to reach for other people worldwide. The thing with this site is that you will be able to socialize and mingle with strangers who will be your friend at the end of your conversation. As it uses video cams, you will be able to see and talk each other face to face which mean that it is just the same with meeting him personally. Also, what is amazing with these applications like bazoocam or Skype and etc. is that you can install it in your android phones, ipad, or tablets which mean that you can now access them wherever and whenever. Thus, you can open your account 24/7 if you want and you will not have a hard time reaching for the people you want to reach. With these many applications that technology has given us, everything that we have always thought to be impossible from happening became possible after all. Who knows what might be the next inventions be.

What to know about Bazoocam As much as text messaging is popular among all types of people in the world, the trend of chatting had also taken its toll on the lives of these individuals. Primarily, text messaging and chatting has the same purpose which is to connect people wherever they are. However the advantage of chatting is that unlike text messaging it connects people from different parts of the world instead of the limited area covered by text messaging. Why Bazoocam? There are tons of online chat rooms that allow people to connect with others even if they don’t know each other however the advantage of using this chat room from others is that it provides excitement to the part of the user for it gives them permission to browse through random webcams and chat with them along the way. In addition to that, if you don’t feel the person you are currently chatting with then you can choose to click the skip button so you can again proceed to the next person which the system of the website had carefully chosen for you to chat with.

Thursday, September 4 2014

Welcome to Ramasami Padayachi Foundation

Welcome to Ramasami Padayachi Foundation

	 We are Ramasami Padayachi Foundation (RPF), an NGO started with the objective of Rural Empowerment. It was started by Muthuvelan KP in memory of his grandfather Ramasami Padayachi. Muthuvelan is a graduate of Oxford University, UK and has been a consultant for the World Bank, Washington DC. Some of the projects currently in progress are Educational awards for local government school children, Handicraft skill development, Reading room for women, RTI & NREGA awareness, etc. Future initiatives are in the area of Rural BPO, Community Radio Station, etc.